Heart Matters

As the number one cause of death in the United States, heart disease takes over 600,000 lives each year, many of which are preventable. Understanding how healthy lifestyles impact heart health, as well as how to react in cardiac emergencies, can have a significant impact on heart-related fatalities in our community.

Denton Regional is proud to introduce the Heart Matters program, a community initiative focused on providing educational opportunities and materials from top cardiovascular experts in our community. Your heart matters, so check back often for upcoming events and new materials to help you live a heart healthy life!

Heart Matters Events

These events showcase top cardiac experts providing education related to heart issues relevant to you and your life. Click here for more information on upcoming events.

Heart Healthy Recipes

Please click here for various heart healthy recipes that are both delicious and healthy. All recipes are evaluated by the Dietitians at Denton Regional, which provides a nutrient analysis for each recipe.

Other Resources

Please click here for other resources related to heart health, including articles from our cardiovascular physicians.