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Denton Regional Medical Center

Medical Records

The Health Information Management (Medical Records) Department maintains the medical records of all inpatients, same day surgery patients, clinic patients, and emergency room patients treated at Denton Regional Medical Center. These records are kept permanently and are available to the treating physicians and health care providers each time a patient returns to DRMC. Ready access to this information supports continuity of care for our patients by providing information on previously identified medical conditions, diagnostic tests and therapies.

During a patient's hospitalization, the Health Information Management Department coordinates the transcription of all physician-dictated reports. Once a patient is discharged, the department assembles the record in a uniform manner and performs an analysis process to ensure all reports and documents are present prior to filing.

Specialists within the department will encode, or assign a numeric designation, to all diagnoses and procedures identified by the treating physicians. These codes are used in a number of ways, from billing to providing statistical summaries that identify trends and patterns in disease entities and treatment modalities.

Birth Certificates are completed in the Health Information Management Department and submitted to the State. The medical record of each patient is confidential and is only released to an outside entity upon written patient authorization or receipt of a legal document mandating the hospital produce the record or copies of the record. A patient may sign a release to receive a copy of their medical record or request release of copies their medical record to any party. Document retrieval and photocopying charges may apply.

Please call (940) 384-3350 to contact the HIM Department.